Petition to Council Regarding 2,700 Trees at Lions Centre Park

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Attn: Mayor Bob Sanderson; members of Port Hope Municipal Council

Whereas we the residents of Port Hope recognize the value of our tree canopy to our health and well-being, our eco-system, our heritage and our future survival on this planet Earth;

Whereas the Municipality has shut-out the public (including abutting neighbours) from any risk/benefit assessment information and any input to decision-making on options regarding the industrial waste clean-up at the Lions Centre Park;

Whereas we believe Port Hope Council must consult the public when considering the risks and benefits of destroying woodlots during all PHAI clean-up activities;

Whereas we believe the decision-making around the destruction of this important 2700 tree woodlot and its ecosystem in the publicly-owned Lions Centre Park sets a terrible precedent for the future of our Town, its environment and Council’s relationship with residents;

Therefore, we the undersigned request that Port Hope Council weigh the risk of contaminants against the risk of clear cutting the trees in the Port Hope Lions Centre Park through an open and transparent public process.

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