PHorests 4R PHuture
Community Assocation

Save Our Trees (officially registered as PHorests 4R PHuture) is a dynamic organization actively partnered with likeminded community stakeholders, advocating on behalf of the residents of Port Hope for an environmentally sustainable future that protects and preserves our tress and eco-system.

PHorests 4R PHuture was formed due to the need for a formal entity who could act on behalf of Port Hope citizens in opposing the proposed Phase 5 of AON/Mason Homes' sub-division in which the developer proposes clearcutting Penryn Woods.

In addition to important efforts to protect Penryn Woods, we are working with the community and local decision-makers to advance sustainable planning principles to preserve our natural heritage and maintain Port Hope as a livable community.

The non-profit is governed by a Board of Directors representing the community: Greg Burns (Chair), Sue Stickely (Vice-Chair), William Lambert (Treasurer), and Claire Holloway Wadhwani (Secretary).

Contact the Board at: