Lions Centre Park

The Municipality has been provided with two alternatives to clear-cutting by the PHAI that would preserve trees while also ensuring that the industrial waste beneath the soil remains undisturbed. Without public consultation, and without releasing reports or evidence of the risk posed to neighbours and community using the park, Council appear poised to move ahead with clear cut on the recommendation of a staff report.

This was a chance for Council and staff to show they're serious about weighing the risks of contamination against the risk to our natural heritage and to our health and wellbeing that results from the loss of our tree canopy.
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50,000 Trees Threatened

Approximately 50,000 trees are currently threatened to be clear cut on the basis of low levels of arsenic which poses no risk to human health, representing major swaths of Port Hope’s tree canopy and urban forested ravine network. This will have grave impacts for our local ecosystem, our natural heritage and, importantly, the mental health and overall wellbeing of our citizens.

The CNL/PHAI have applied to amend the clean up criteria for arsenic to be in line with the scientific consensus for human health and safety.

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Urgent Community Action Steps

We are actively working to preserve our tree canopy - threatened with clear cutting which would forever change our urban landscape.

We are all for protecting human health! But when scientists and experts tell us that contaminants in our soil DO NOT pose a risk, it is irresponsible to move forward with removal of trees at the expense of our health and wellbeing as residents.

FIRST we must engage with Council and urge them to make decisions based on science, to consult with residents, and take appropriate steps to manage the PHAI process to preserve our tree canopy.

SECOND, in the absence of leadership from our elected Council, we must raise our voices as citizens and let the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission know that we support the proposed changes to the PHAI's criteria for arsenic to align with science.