Petition to Council Regarding Supporting Proposed PHAI Criteria Change for Arsenic from 18ppm to 56ppm in Order to
Protect 50,000 Trees in Urban Port Hope

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Our Tree Canopy and PHAI Criteria Change for Arsenic

Attn: Mayor and Council

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Attn: Mayor Olena Hankivsky; members of Port Hope Municipal Council

Whereas we the residents of Port Hope recognize the value of our tree canopy to our health and well-being, our eco-system, our heritage, and our future survival on this planet Earth;

Whereas approximately 50,000 trees located on Municipal property are at risk of unnecessary clear cutting due to low levels of arsenic which are deemed safe for human health as detailed in the 2020 independent consultant’s “Review of Arsenic in Soil as Part of the Port Hope Area Initiative";

Whereas CNL is requesting changes to the PHAI arsenic criteria from 18ppm to 56ppm, in line with the science and on the basis of the 2020 independent consultant’s findings;

Whereas Port Hope Council can act to protect about 50,000 trees by supporting CNL’s proposed arsenic criteria change on the basis of the findings and recommendations of the independent consultant’s report commissioned by CNL titled “Review of Arsenic in Soil as Part of the Port Hope Area Initiative";

Therefore, we, the undersigned, call on Council to initiate a public review regarding Municipality of Port Hope support for CNL clean-up criteria recommendations in advance of a forthcoming CNSC hearing. This review would consider the independent consultant’s findings in a open and transparent manner, including consultation with residents.

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