Penryn Woods

Penryn Woods, located on Victoria Street South, is at risk of being clear cut by AON/Mason Homes. The Penryn Woodland is identified as “significant” under Port Hope’s Official Plan and therefore a protected natural heritage feature. Mason Homes' own consultant report states that the woodland is “significant”. It is also considered “regionally important” by Northumberland’s Natural Heritage System Plan. Nonetheless, the Phase 5b proposal from AON Mason Homes would see the woods destroyed.

Our community will not back down. We are fighting to protect Penryn Woods at every step and are prepared to represent Port Hope citizens in upcoming legal proceedings.


Urgent Community Action Steps

In March 2020, the our community raised our voices and made our opposition to the Phase 5 plan and threat to Penryn loud and clear.
We planted signs, we signed petitions, we spoke at the Town's public meeting.

While council made a deal with the developer on most of Phase 5 in May 2021, Council has not approved AON Mason Homes plans for Phase 5b (Penryn) and the developer is taking legal action.

It is time for us to raise our voices once again!



Green Ribbon Installation

Join your neighbours in marking the trees at Penryn for protection! Visit Penryn Woods from the public land on Victoria Street South. Grab your ribbon from the the
Little Library on the front lawn at the South/East corner of Victoria St. South and Strachan and choose the tree you would like to symbolically claim and commit to save!

Let's make a public display of commitment to saving these valuable trees!

Ontario Land Tribunal Hearing
AON/Mason Homes has appealed the Municipality of Port Hope’s “non-decision” on phase 5b applications (including the removal of Penryn Woods) to the Ontario Land Tribunal. An OLT hearing has been scheduled for late August 2023.

We are registered as a partcipant to voice community concerns. Read more about the OLT CMC here>>.
Order a Lawn Sign

You've seen them all over our community as a public display of opposition to developer plans to clear cut Penryn Woods. Order your sign and let your neighbours, friends and key community stakeholders know that you too are committed to Saving Our Trees!

Send your lawn sign order request to:

Key information about the fight to save Penryn Woods:

Here we have tried to compile the various documents and information about the threat to Penryn Woods.

We are updating this page regularly to share information as it becomes available.

The information and documents we share here are a combination of public documents and analysis from community stakeholders and our legal advisors.

Press Conference

On March 23rd, 2021, PHorests 4R PHuture was joined by MPP David Piccini, the Port Hope ACO and celebrated gardener and voice for trees in Ontario, Mark Cullen, for a Press Conference outlining our opposition to Mason Homes Phase 5 plans and declaring once again our commitment to Save Penryn Woods!

Together we highlighted the significance of Penryn Woods to our town's eco-system, heritage and tree canopy based on a wealth of evidence on the importance of trees in the context of climate chance and to community wellbeing.