PHorests 4R PHuture
Community Association

Save Our Trees (officially registered as PHorests 4R PHuture) is a dynamic organization actively partnered with likeminded community stakeholders, advocating on behalf of the residents of Port Hope for an environmentally sustainable future that protects and preserves our tress and eco-system.

PHorests 4R PHuture was formed due to the need for a formal entity who could act on behalf of Port Hope citizens in opposing the proposed Phase 5 of AON/Mason Homes' sub-division in which the developer proposes clearcutting Penryn Woods.


Citizen Engagement
To actively involve citizens and community stakeholders in communty meetings, environmentally-based projects and volunteer task groups.

To respectfully and diligently address concerns and issues related to the protection and enhancement of a healthy local environment.

Community Education
To inform the Port Hope community by way of social media, workshops, meetings and various marketing strategies.

Environmental Sustainability
To proactively advocate policies and actions that ensure future generations have the natural resources available to live an equal, if not better, way of life as currently exists

The non-profit is governed by a Board of Directors representing the community: Sue Stickley, William Lambert, Robert Fishlock and Blake Holton.

Contact the Board at: